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Our Ministry: To date, as a result of both monetary gifts and our volunteers, we have been able to:

  • offer monthly online meet-ups for artists

  • hold in-person meet-ups for artists

  • have countless arts share times

  • provide several with their first Solo Exhibits

  • add dozens of recorded resources

  • start our Global Network Map

  • build a resource library

  • provide one-on-one mentoring

Cheerful Heart Giving: As a step of faith, Faith Arts is dedicated to staying free of membership dues and fees, knowing that as people are impacted, they are called to give accordingly.

Grateful: We appreciate each visitor, member, and volunteer for sharing their time, knowledge, prayers, resources, and encouragement - and for any benefits they may receive from Faith Arts.


Note: We cannot provide tax receipts at this time but we are 100% non-profit. 

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