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From the creator of Faith Arts:


As a teen, I heard the likes of Francis Schaeffer and read Narnia on Waikiki Beach and began wondering why I felt my expressive art and my creativity still felt so cut off from my Christian worldview and even from the world in general. I began dreaming of integrating my art with my life in Christ and caring for my culture - and to do so with the support of fellow artists and believers."  

Lorenda Harder

In 2018, Lorenda and a fellow artist friend co-founded and established a Niagara-based meeting place to nurture a like-minded handful of poets, painters, writers, actors, and a photographer - seeking to make personal connections between faith and art.

Re-envisioning in 2022 as an inter-church group, Lorenda and her team launched the Faith Arts (FA) organization to encourage start ups of small local and virtual meet-ups, exhibits, and performances.


The following year, the world network map was set up for small in-person groups (2 or 3 make a gathering) to begin sprouting up anywhere and for established arts-focused ministries to add themselves to the directory. 

About Faith Arts:

You’re doing a beautiful and significant work.

Matt Heard

Author, Founder of THRIVE

Faith Arts Spark and Start

Is there any pleasure on earth as great as the circle of Christian friends by a good fire?


The Christian is the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars.

Francis Schaeffer

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