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our spark & start  

Faith Arts' creator describes her backstory: "As a teen, I heard the likes of Francis Schaeffer and read Narnia on Waikiki Beach and began wondering why I felt my expressive art and my creativity still felt so cut off from my Christian worldview and even from the world in general. I began dreaming of integrating my art with my life in Christ and caring for my culture - and to do so with the support of fellow artists and believers."  Lorenda Harder, BFA, BEd Honours. 

Finally, in 2018, Lorenda and a fellow artist friend co-founded and established a Niagara-based meeting place to nurture a like-minded handful of poets, painters, writers, actors, and a photographer - seeking to make personal connections between faith and art.

Re-envisioning as an inter-church group and expanding in 2022, Lorenda and her vision team launched Faith Arts (FA), encouraging small local and virtual meet-ups, exhibits, and performances. In 2023, a world network map was set up for small in-person groups to begin sprouting up anywhere! It is as simple and significant as meeting a fellow Christian artist for coffee.

Faith Arts is dedicated to staying free of membership dues or fees as a step of faith, knowing as people are impacted, they will give accordingly. Therefore, we welcome cheerful heart donations  (not receipted at this time) to help cover operating costs. Subsequent network groups agree to be fully self-supporting as well.

We are grateful to each visitor, member, and volunteer for sharing their time, knowledge, prayers, resources, and encouragement - which accumulatively - IS our Faith Arts Community.  

About Faith Arts:

You’re doing a beautiful and significant work.

Matt Heard

Author, Founder of THRIVE


The purpose

of art is washing the dust of daily life

off our souls

Pablo Picasso 

for artists & art appreciators of all kinds  

Visual and performance artists, poets, writers, creative artisans, arts lovers: We welcome you to our community to GLEAN what you like

Grow closer to God & more skilled in your art
Learn how to share your art & faith in your circles of influence
Encourage one another in fellowship & support
Add day-to-day connections between art & your faith
Notice the benefits of the arts in your life & the lives of others

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