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Recorded presentations

We humbly offer our homegrown recordings to you because we believe in the importance of their content. Each presentation includes questions or quotes for group discussion or for individual contemplation. We hope you find them beneficial. 



"Light Up with Lewis: Spotlighting Insights by C.S. Lewis" is our current online discussion theme. Join us for our live monthly discussions or listen to the recordings here.

“Everything began with images; a faun carrying an umbrella, a queen on a sledge, a magnificent lion. At first there wasn’t even anything Christian about them; that element pushed itself in of its own accord. It was part of the bubbling.”


"The Artist's Heart" presentations are based on Rory Noland's book "The Heart of the Artist" - We had monthly discussions about each chapter and even had the privilege of interviewing the author.


“There is an evident need to find ways to speak of the intrinsic value of the arts, what they are able to contribute to our faith communities and the cultures in which we live, and the unique ways in which they are able to move our spirit and shape our thinking.”

  R. Noland   


Proven Character. Lori introduces Rory Noland's book "The Heart of the Artist" and presents a summary of his first chapter: Proven Character.

The Artist's Temperament. Lori shares several resiliency tips to help the artist manage his or her emotions through stressful times. Material from Rory Noland's book "The Heart of the Artist" and Lori's "Steps in Grace" is used for this talk. PDF SUPPLEMENT

Arts Leadership. With a personal approach, Edyta shares a brief summary of Rory Noland's chapter on leadership and offers thoughts on our unique opportunities to become leaders in the arts. 

Jealousy and Envy. Deb follows this topic with questions like: What prevents us as Christian artists from being content with the talents we’ve been given?

Handling Criticism. With this overview of Rory Noland's "The Heart of the Artist" chapter on Handling Criticism, Edyta presents aspects of criticism and how the Christian artist might manage different scenarios.

Community and Teamwork. Deb presents a brief summary of a chapter from Rory Noland's book. One question following is: What are some of the causes of relational conflict on a team?

Humility. Edyta presents a summary of a chapter from Rory Noland's book, presenting some of the main concepts from his chapter "Servanthood vs Stardom" 

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