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Faith Arts does not yet charge membership fees so the Vision Team acquires out-of-pocket expenses such as honorariums for our guests and video hosting our Zoom meetings. Therefore, we appreciate any amount to help cover costs.

Donation receipts are not available at this time but ANY amount is very much appreciated via eTransfer or PayPal to:

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While we anticipate that our members are making submissions in good faith, Faith Arts will not be held liable in any way. Site moderators & administrators are not responsible for any losses resulting from the use of this section. Be aware that Faith Arts is not responsible for any member’s individual beliefs including their integrity, motives, or actions. Admins/moderators reserve the right to block/remove posters/posts/comments without warning, anything not in keeping with the spirit of the group, rules, creeds, or for any reason whatsoever. Guidelines are subject to change. Any email donations will be used to offset the costs of running Faith Arts.

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