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every 4th Friday 

7pm Eastern

6pm Central

5pm Mountain

4pm Pacific

ABOUT: Each meet-up includes a live podcast (presentation and group discussion), followed by an opportunity to share or hear about your and others arts endeavours. We welcome all creatives and appreciators of the arts, from hobbyists to professionals.  

FaithArts 4th Fridays



MAY 26  

When Myth became Fact 

The incarnation as our inspiration

JUN 23 

The Mundane and the Miraculous

Creatively portraying the totality of life

JUL 28 

Art Demands Surrender

How to get yourself out of the way

*AUG 18 Note: 3rd Friday

Avoiding Art Pitfalls

About propaganda, idealism, didacticism, and other isms 

SEP 22 

Bubbling up the Message I

Our development as artists

OCT 27 

Interview - Q&A TBA

NOV 24

Bubbling up the Message II

Our hearts' expressions

DEC 15 Note: 3rd Friday


Always Christmas in Narnia 

-Open to all-

Make an inspirational card with art, poetry, Lewis quotes and Bible verses.

EARLIER recordings:

Light up with Lewis (audio)

Meet Matt Heard Interview (video)

Other recordings & Resources


now required

This year's theme was inspired by Dr. David K. Naugle's article, "With their Christianity Latent: C. S. Lewis on the Arts"

DOWN MEMORY LANE. . .some past meet-up highlights:

Note: TEAL resources are still available upon request.

  • Meeting Matt Heard of Thrive to discuss the dance of goodness, truth, and beauty and about embracing our God-given humanity.

  • Rory Noland's visit and having discussions based on his book The Heart of the Artist

  • gathering a colourful group of creatives: artist, painters, writers, a photographer, and director (meet us)

  • having fun with inks on the beach with Lorenda & coffee on the couch at "Joanne's place"

  • watching L'abris-inspired videos (Laussanne)

  • soaking in arts conferences, including the RZIM arts conference

  • experiencing interviews with faith arts leaders within our own membership including Conor Sweetman (Ekstasis Magazine), artists, Josh Tiessen and Elma Neufeld

  • gleaning much from our member, Thaddeus Maharaj, and his Creativity Workshops

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