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The FAITH ARTS Gallery Shop

Third Chair Gallery at Calvary Church

Welcome to the FAITH ARTS Gallery Shop. We have a bricks and mortar gallery, the Third Chair Gallery, located inside Calvary Church where we feature our Faith Arts artists in solo and group exhibits, but our CHRISTIAN ARTS DIRECTORY below will direct you to the artist to arrange any purchases or to see more of their work. 

Our Artists & their Art

Our Christian artists are mostly in Niagara, Canada, but some from western Canada, the US, and even overseas. Affordable Creative Items start at under $10 for for frameable art and poetry cards. Also featured are artists who create novels, prints, poetry books, original art, wood-turning, stoneware, photography, jewellery, and music. There are also art lessons and workshops offered.

Visit the artist's website and/or contact the them directly 
to see more of their work or to arrange a purchase.
Gift cards and commissions through the artist may also be available. 

Faith Arts Fundraiser:
Kenyan Stone Sculpture

Launch of this show entitled UNITY: Jan 12, 2024  

View any Sunday 11:30-12:30 until April 30, 2024
Third Chair Gallery Cafe: 89 Scott St. St. Catharines, ON

Member Features
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