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Multi-Faceted Artists & Artisans


author, speaker, wood-turner

Ron Hughes

Ron is not only pursuing his creative love of woodturning, but he has earned an MA, hosted a radio show, published books, and, speaks in various Niagara Churches, and lived a missionary's life for a decade. He began woodturning as a teen and has found much joy in this art form as he continues to discover what the wood might reveal and carefully draws out the beauty of each piece. Today, he sells at various local craft shows and through Instagram. 


book: Living at the End of the Rope

book: Refresh



Ullie Kowcun

"...Journeying through love and loss, hope and despair" Ullie reflects "both on her own experiences as well as bleeding and mending for a world that seeks repair ...feeling the rawness of her words, we come to a discovery - it is sometimes in the strangest of times and darkest of places that healing comes - that's the beautiful truth." Ullie lives with her husband and children in Niagara, Canada.

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visual artist

Vanessa Brobbel

Vanessa has served The Voice of the Martyrs and those connected to this ministry for the better part of 24 years. The stories and people have massively impacted her heart and faith. Expressing these powerful testimonies through her artwork has been a natural way for Vanessa to process and share these profound stories. She works in acrylic and mixed media on canvas. Vanessa lives with her husband in Niagara, Canada.



visual artist

Elma Eidse Neufeld

Award-winning artist, Elma Eidse Neufeld, attended Forum Art Institute in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the University of Manitoba School of Art, and on scholarships to the Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity in Alberta, Canada. She has worked for decades, in sensitively layered work mainly in acrylic, inks, and paper - these are abstract impressions of memories and beauty she sees around her. She is settled in Medicine Hat Alberta, creating her unique, Torn-Edge Relief© style of collage. She is settled near a daughter and son-in-law in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.




Deb Elkink

Deb Elkink BA MA, is an award-winning novelist and a speaker, academic editor, and world traveller. She lives with her husband in beautiful rural southern Alberta where she writes, leads Bible Studies, sews the occasional silk outfit, or cooks up an exotic soup. She writes Women's Literary Fiction novels and short stories and has won awards for her work, including from The Word Guild, Canada. She serves on the Faith Arts Vision Team. 



beautiful storm_edited.jpg

visual artist


Lizzie Jane Art Studio is representing this emerging artist, Sapphire from Niagara, Canada. She works in acrylic on canvas and has originals and prints available through the Lizzie Jane Studio website:



visual artist, poet, teacher

Lorenda Harder

Lorenda has been at her craft for decades, since completing her BFA and BEd and winning early awards. She has since compiled and published three poetry and art books, has held several private art shows, and runs a small art school. She loves reflecting and cultivating creativity. Her natural expressive style is inspired by nature and memories. She resides with her husband and near their adult children in the Niagara Region of Canada. Lorenda is the founder of Faith Arts and serves on its Vision Team. 




visual artist

Dan Boehmer

Dan is a self-taught American artist who works in dark umber pencil. His original drawings are on acid-free 19" x 25" paper. His artwork is dedicated to his daughter Emily’s journey through life. He offers commissioned portraits. "My goal is to capture the beauty, individuality, character, emotion and personality of your child or loved one. My artwork will reveal the uniqueness of your child, and every portrait is created with the greatest attention to detail. The quality of the portrait is extremely important to me, and my intent is to create a work of art that will forever convey the God given uniqueness and soul of your child."


colleen mccubbin.jpeg

publisher and singer

Colleen McCubbin

Colleen founded her boutique publishing company, Siretona Creative in Alberta, in 2006, and in 2020, went full-time with a highly collaborative author coaching program and publishing system. She has published over 20 stories with a diverse portfolio.​​ She is also a singer and "is a prairie soul [CD] with a heart for the world." ​ Siretona Creative has been named for several awards (The Word Guild, etc.). She also serves as VP for InScribe Christian Writers.

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fibre artist

Sara Jane

Sara Jane finds joy and calm in the midst of this busy world by creatively knitting her lyrical, cute, and quaint pieces. She is busy filling orders and loves the various textures and colour contrasts in her fibre choices. In addition to her miniature sweaters and fall collection of leaves, acorns and mushrooms, Sara has recently discovered a new level of creativity with her frog scenarios. Sara lives with her husband in Niagara, Canada.

Facebook Page



Mary Grace van der Kroef

"She enjoys the simple things in life, like a good cup of coffee and heart-to-heart talks with friends. She uses her writing to highlight those simple things while encouraging others and exploring her own inner world...She cherishes people's differences, and believes diverse stories are imperative to understanding what it is to be human." Mary Grace lives with her husband and children in Niagara, Canada.




visual artist

Carla Scholtens

Carla earned an early reputation for her skilled murals, trompe l'oeil, and specialty paint finish techniques including old-world oil skills. She has taught art and filled unusual commissions. She is settled in Niagara but continues to apply her skills in various ways and places in painting, pottery, jewelry-making, and most recently, in restoring a historic home to its Southern charm. She lives with her husband in Niagara, Canada.


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restoration project

lizzie .jpeg

visual artist

Lizzie Jane 

Lizzie-Jane has lived as far West as British Columbia, Canada, and as far East as Jharkhand, India but is quite settled in beautiful Southern Ontario, Canada. Lizzie Jane has developed a natural painting style and her themes are inspired by many people, places, and events in her life. She works mainly in acrylics on canvas and offers quality prints and loves supporting other emerging artists on her site too.



visual artist


Lizzie Jane Art Studio is representing this emerging artist, Ruby, from Niagara, Canada. She works in acrylic on canvas and originals and prints are available through the Lizzie Jane Art Studio website: 



visual artist

Josh Tiessen

Josh is an established, award-winning Canadian artist. He works his narrative hyper-surrealist style in oils on uniquely designed panels, seeking to draw together spirituality and art "as a way to inspire greater appreciation for the natural world, motivate environmental stewardship, and provide hope in anxious times (with irony and a little humour thrown in for comic relief)." He works with Love is Moving magazine where he encourages young Christian artists. Josh works out of his Stoney Creek home studio gallery where he often meets new enthusiastic collectors. 



composer, musician

Zac Tiessen

"For his original music, Zac collaborates with fine artist brother, Josh Tiessen...For "Streams in the Wasteland" and "Vanitas + Viriditas" (exhibited from NY to LA) Zac composed songs for each painting, crafting a world of unique custom textures to match their narratives." Zac lives near Toronto, works out of the ZT Music Studio, seeks out "uncommon instruments to experiment with", and continues to develop his "ambient cinematic approach, which allows the listener to discover new layers the more they listen and are immersed in the music."​



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