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While we anticipate that our members/chapters make submissions in good faith, Faith Arts, its site moderators, vision team, board members, founder & admins won't be held liable in any way, aren't responsible for any losses or for any member’s individual beliefs including their integrity, motives, or actions.

Please be prudent and careful in meeting up with strangers or purchasing anything from anyone you have met through Faith Arts, as you would be with anyone or anything. We suggest you first meet-up at a public place such as a coffee shop or church and do your research before purchasing items/services from the artists.


Admins/moderators reserve the right to block/remove anyone/anything without warning that is not in keeping with the spirit of the community, group, rules, creeds, or for any reason whatsoever. Be aware, guidelines are subject to change.

Faith Arts Chapters/groups are run independently of Faith Arts (Home site) but we are happy to promote you as we are able.

There are no dues or fees. Chapters are free to start and they may use the Faith Arts name and logo as long as they follow the policies of All groups can accept donations only (none receipted at this time) to cover their costs. Optional official Faith Arts materials and services may become available for sale but each group runs solely on member donations. We ask that individuals/chapters consider donating a small portion to (home) to help offset expenses.

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