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Watercolor Brush 6_edited_edited.png

-our spark & start-  

Backstory: As a teen, Lorenda Harder heard the likes of Francis Schaeffer and read Narnia on Waikiki Beach:


...But I often wondered why I felt my expressive art and creativity still felt so cut off from my more conservative Christian worldview. I began dreaming of integrating my art with my life in Christ and to care for my culture with the support of fellow artists and believers.

Finally, in 2018, Lorenda and fellow artist, Josh Tiessen, co-founded and established inTACT (in the Arts & Christian Thought): a growing, like-minded handful of poets, painters, writers, actors, and a photographer began meeting up in Niagara, Canada.

Rebranding and expanding in 2022, Lorenda and her vision team launched Faith Arts to encourage both local and virtual meet-ups, exhibits and performances anywhere.  


“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 
About our purpose

-our purpose-  



  • Provide opportunities for spiritual growth & artistic development.

  • Offer quality resources that encourage, educate, inspire, & entertain.

  • Foster member-initiated, arts-related events through personal connections and mentoring.  


  • Discover personal faith-arts connections where their faith in Jesus Christ intersects with the arts.

  • Develop their God-given creative talents using a broad application of aesthetics.

  • Build up their local and the universal Church through spiritual gifts and creative talents.

  • Offer an aesthetic testimony of truth, beauty, and goodness in their circles of influence and culture.

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